Special Exhibition "SHIN NIPPON-TEN"

Special Exhibition "SHIN NIPPON-TEN"

Have you ever imagined who creates and supports traditional Japanese culture?
Foreign national residents from more than 160 countries live in Kanagawa Prefecture. Sometimes, they may create new Japanese culture, other times their activities may trigger us to take a fresh look at Japanese culture. In recent years, for example, Japanese unique culture has been highly evaluated internationally, being known as “Cool Japan” and the mass media coverage renews the attraction of Japan. This Japanese art and traditional culture is not the same as that of 100 years ago. Basically, cultures change in line with the times, and keep on being influenced by various different cultures and is still progressing at this moment. Regardless of whether it is in or out of the country, the course of culture may be interpreted as the transition resulting from the encounter with different nature.
At the exhibition, we focus on the Japanese culture which is changing and transforming, and introduce works made rooted in Japanese culture by artisans and artists with foreign nationality, and the activities by the people who brought about new sense of values by harmonizing and combining with many other cultures. We hope you enjoy the “Shin NIPPON” (neo-Japanese) culture.

◆21 stories from 『Nordic Girl Åsa discovers the Mysteries of Japan』by Åsa Ekström
◆DVD『Rakugo of Ryuraku Sanyutei in 7 languages 』 repeat screening(125mins) by Ryuraku Sanyutei
◆12 articles of Odawara Hakone Yosegi Zaiku (marquetries) by ZOUKIBAYASHI
◆53 articles of Ukiyo-e reproduced woodblock prints and unique woodblock prints by David Bull
◆Indigo dye articles and display boards with photos showing production process by Bryan Whitehead
◆22 articles of original bento boxes, and display boards of BENTO contests by BERTRAND Thomas
◆10 articles of original works by Mokutan Angelo
◆8 articles of MANAKA’s works, and display board with image photos by Yukiko Yamanaka
◆50 articles of Haiku Artwork from “International HAIKU ART Exhibition” by Ken Yagi



Southern Yokohama


Sept. 2nd(Sat.) to Nov. 5th(Sun.), 2017 Closed on Mondays except 18 September, 9 October10:00-17:00 *Entrance closes at 16:30




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Admission Fees:Free